Fallout 4 Starflight

Fallout 4 Starflight is an overhaul mod, currently in development by Vault40X on Fallout 4, using Bethesda’s Creation Kit. It will also draw from the material of Cyberpunk’s Deep Space RPG in the atmosphere of Outland 1981.

Starflight 1986 is an abandoned DOS science fiction rpg game that was developed by Binary Systems, designed by Greg Johnson and published by Electronic Arts in 1986. The game was followed by Starflight II which is more expansive for the time. There had been talks for twenty years to get part 3 underway, but it never took off.

The original Starflight series, on PC, which began in 1986, is the inspiration for Bethesda’s upcoming Starfield game. Bethesda’s Starfield is Starflight 1986 on Buffout. It’s presently unclear if Starfield is an official third installment for the Starflight series.

Starflight 1986


Fallout 4 Starflight


Fallout 4 Starflight relies on Bethesda’s Creation Kit on the Fallout 4 platform. It is desirable to create this mod in anticipation for Bethesda’s Starfield game, exploring concepts that gamers want to play.

This mod will emulate Starflight 1986’s exploration of planets using a map to go to each location. The concept involved designing your ship, building and training a crew, and setting course for any planet on the map you want. On any planet, you harvest or mine for materials to make upgrades to your ship.

There are unique materials on a variety of planets. In the course of your exploration, you would confront alien ships. Some friendly, some hostile. You would train a communications officer to help communicate with whoever you encountered. Starflight II was considered bigger and better than the first.

In the course of this mod, some RPG elements will also draw from Cyberpunk’s Deep Space RPG Theme to bring content to a more futuristic level while tangent from Star Trek

Also considered for the Fallout 4 Starflight mod, include RPG elements from Cyberpunk 2013 and Night City 2020.





Deep Space, subtitled Take Cyberpunk to the Final Frontier is a sourcebook for Cyberpunk 2020 and is the follow up to 1989’s Near Orbit.

The sourcebook continues what is established in Near Orbit and brings the timeline up to the year 2025. People in space become more widespread with the emergence of corporations in the upper atmosphere, all in search for knowledge and resources to get an edge.

The first section gives some history on Earth and its status in the year 2025 as well as a selection of maps of the solar system and earth spaceports. Equipment such as weapons and vehicles are detailed and the new hazards of space with different factions vying for control.

The sourcebook concludes with a campaign for players to run, Red Conflict: A Space Adventure.

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